American Quality Cleaning, Inc. Commercial Cleaning Services

American Quality Cleaning, Inc.(AQC), one of the most trusted commercial cleaning companies in Oakland County Michigan, is ready to evaluate your business cleaning needs. American Quality Cleaning, Inc. enjoys a sparkling reputation as an exceptional 'green' cleaning company. The staff is committed to meeting and exceeding client expectations. When it comes to interior or exterior cleaning of your commercial property, medical facility, kitchen or bath facilities or office building, American Quality Cleaning, Inc. is committed to earning and keeping your business.

AQC commercial cleaning professionals will deliver quality cleaning services, safe and compliant commercial cleaning products, including germicide and green products. American Quality Cleaning, Inc.'s techniques include the highest industry standards for your satisfaction, every time.

And, remember, we don't skip the corners!

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Our commercial cleaning professionals deliver exceptional service to your satisfaction on every job, while adhering to environmental, local, State and Federal safety standards.

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AQC specializes in commercial cleaning services. Our commercial cleaners deliver quality, on-time and safe cleaning services.

Interior and Exterior Cleaning of:

  • • Office Buildings, Large and Small
  • • Office Suites and Complexes
  • • Clinics and Medical Buildings
  • • Laboratories
  • • City, State, Government and Municipalities
  • • Health Clubs
  • • Churches and Places of Worship
  • • Industrial Buildings

AQC's Floor and Carpet Cleaning Services

AQC also offers professional floor cleaning, stripping and waxing for vinyl, tile and other hard flooring. Top-of-the-line carpet cleaning offers hot water extraction that can go to any level in the building.

AQC's Window Cleaning Services

Window cleaning for commercial buildings is what we do best! We have the expertise! Cleaning windows is one of our specialties. American Quality Cleaning, Inc. is the best window cleaning service in Oakland County Michigan.

AQC's Kitchen and Bath Cleaning Services

Our commercial kitchen cleaners, with germicide, provide for the safety of your staff and customers. Your kitchens and baths will gleam and sparkle. See how American Quality Cleaning, Inc.'s professional cleaning procedures provide a sanitized environment; assuring cleanliness at it's best. Commercial kitchens run more efficiently and safely when clean and grease-free, satisfying insurance requirements and meeting fire code.

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American Quality Cleaning, Inc. will take the time to understand your cleaning requirements. Schedule an appointment for a quote. American Quality Cleaning, Inc. will provide you with the following.

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  • • Yearly and multi-year contracts with NO COST INCREASES
  • • Estimate and proposed timeline
  • • Timely and Quality Professional Service

AQC Quality Assurance

American Quality Cleaning, Inc. randomly inspects a crew's cleaning to insure quality.

American Quality Cleaning, Inc.'s professional cleaners are committed to delivering quality service at the highest professional standards, to your satisfaction. We pay attention to the details and we don't skip the corners!

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